Lookfar Builders began residential contracting by working on ADUs, additions and new builds in the hills of the east bay. These smaller projects, forays into design-build and our previous experience with larger companies informed our company culture and allowed us to the evolve the systems that serve us today. We believe there are better buildings and better ways to achieve our client’s goals. Whether we are carefully sizing your loads to avoid an unnecessary panel upgrade or ensuring the waterproofing work we do withstands the next atmospheric river, our work is designed to stand the test of time.

This is our vision

Ecological Harmony: We build homes, neighborhoods, and cities for resilience — allowing our communities to navigate extreme weather, floods, fires, and other natural disasters while keeping residents healthy and safe.

Social Impact: We partner with exceptional designers and developers to build homes, neighborhoods, and cities that create vibrant, thriving communities.

Team: We are a cohesive team dedicated to advancing our craft, growing professionally, and supporting ourselves and our families.

Wes founded Lookfar Builders after spending five years leading the planning and specification process for over a dozen single and multi-family projects at a mid-size Oakland based design-build contractor.

He is a second-generation builder and received a degree in Green Building and Construction Management from the University of Vermont. During his 10 years building in New England, Wes developed a deep appreciation for waterproofing, vapor management and applied building science.

In his spare time he likes to run and go on road trips with his camper van.

WES BASCOMprincipal
David grew up in the Bay Area before slowly migrating East where he lives in the mountains of Vermont.

He is passionate believer in learning, systems and fermentation (literally and figuratively). As our business manager and project engineer, he supports the field team in the office from estimating to project closeout. David will be your point of contact for billing, will assist you with selections (if your architect hasn’t done that already) and works behind the scenes with Erik and Wes to finalize subcontracts, document specifications and keep the business on track.

After nearly a decade running a mobile wood-fired pizza catering business, he has a taste for improvisation and excellent customer service. The slower pace of construction has been a welcome relief, as has the opportunity to build something durable for our clients. In his spare time, he is working on his own house and learning about the world with his children.

DAVID HUCKproject engineer

Erik started his career as a carpenter in New England over 20 years ago but quickly transitioned to project supervision and management working in various locations across the US and around the world. He worked for 10 years supporting healthcare construction projects in the Caribbean and Africa before moving to Oakland in 2019.

Since 2019 he has been managing residential and commercial projects in the Bay area and provides diligent project management for our clients and support for the field team. He holds a degree in City Planning from Boston University, which makes him a helpful liaison dealing with municipalities.

ERIK BENSON director of construction
ZACH BURGISupervisor
JAVIER IXTABALANcarpentry foreman


Are you a skilled craftsperson?

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