Whether working as part of an integrated AEC team, for an owner directly, or advising architects and clients during schematic design, we bring the voice of the builder to the table and reduce cost and delays later in the process.

A pre-construction services contract will provide the budget for an in-depth analysis of your plans, input into structural choices, or value engineering before committing to complex rooflines and floor plan engineering. We can also perform early feasibility assessments and install story poles for planning review.

At the end of pre-construction planning we will have developed a negotiated bid that represents our best understanding of the costs, fairly allocates risk and minimizes change orders during construction.

Well-developed project planning is an essential investment in a successful construction project. No matter whether you have permits in hand or haven’t begun to assemble your AEC team, we can help with recommendations, analysis and planning.

Lookfar Builders Scheitzer ADU Framing


Our project management team consists of a project manager, site supervisor/master builder and the business manager supporting our foremen, carpenters and trade subcontractors.

With a contract budget and schedule in hand, our project managers and supervisors will be on site regularly during construction. In the event that there are disruptions due to supply chain delays or any of the other issues we might encounter, we will work with you to reprioritize and maintain progress.

At the end of the day, we clean up, and ensure our subcontractors do the same, so you can enjoy your home.

We are committed to transparency and quality work and strive to reflect those values in everything we do for our clients.

A successful building project starts with thorough planning. If you have a permit in hand, but need more assistance with selections and specifications, we can work with your architect and you as part of an integrated AEC team dedicated to a successful project.

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Our team has a solid foundation in fine art, design and craft (just ask!) and is ready to inquire, brainstorm and problem solve for your building needs. We believe that an AEC team of specialized professionals can effectively advocate for a good product with engaged owners.

We bring design to everything we build, and we rely on the partnership with your architect and engineer to ensure the vision is clearly articulated at every stage of design development and implementation.

Lookfar Builders Alameda Staircase Detail Remodel


Whether you want to make a statement with custom architectural details or want to honor your historical home with period-accurate mouldings, Lookfar Builders can help. We love to take on projects with unique details, and will be eager to work with you to design, prototype, fabricate, and install these statement pieces

Lookfar Builders Taft Avenue


Construction projects have complicated budgets. We are proud of the billing and budget tracking system we have developed.

During construction, you will have a clear understanding of the cost to complete your project and an understanding of how long to expect construction to last.

At the end of the project, we include links to 360 photo walkthroughs of your project during every phase of construction. Want to install a new duct in 10 years? Look behind the sheetrock to make sure you won’t hit anything first! Just one way transparent documentation is part of our core offering.

Lookfar Builders 324 Seaview Walking Closet Remodel


We hope you love your new home as much as we take pride in building it. You can rest assured that we will be sticking around to answer any questions you have after you move back in and to resolve any issues that might crop up.

Our goal is to have all of our clients be clients for life.